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Hey there, gambling enthusiasts! If you’re a fan of JetX, the popular casino game developed by SmartSoft Gaming, we’ve got some exciting news for you. In this article, we’ll dive into a world of similar games that you might want to explore. From Lucky Jet to Aviator, Rocket X to Space XY, and Aviatrix, we’ll provide you with insights into these thrilling casino games that share similarities with JetX.

Lucky Jet

Lucky Jet is another casino game that closely resembles JetX in terms of gameplay and mechanics. Like JetX, Lucky Jet involves placing bets on the outcome of a thrilling flight, adding excitement and chance to your gaming experience.

In both games, symbols play a crucial role in helping players secure wins on the reels. Lucky Jet caters to both low and high rollers, offering customizable betting options.

Visually Captivating Gameplay: Lucky Jet features vibrant visuals with shades of blue and purple, creating a futuristic atmosphere. The character design is noteworthy, with a miniature individual equipped with a jetpack and sunglasses.


Aviator – A Game of Strategy: Aviator, developed by Spribe, shares similarities with JetX. In this fast-paced game, you have the opportunity to win money swiftly. Aviator can be considered part of the JetX catalog due to its GSR, volatility, multiplier frequency, and more. By following specific patterns that determine the game’s outcome, you can potentially win cash prizes.

Visual Differences: One key difference between Aviator and JetX is their visual design. JetX features vivid colors with a modern pixel-art style, while Aviator adopts a more traditional slot game design.


Aviatrix – Modernizing Casino Gaming: Aviatrix is a crash game within the online casino industry that brings innovation and modern gameplay to the forefront. Inspired by the renowned Aviator released by Spribe in 2019, Aviatrix offers a 97% Return to Player (RTP) and the potential to win up to 10,000 times your bet.

Rich Features and Accessibility: Among the top-rated online casinos where you can enjoy Aviatrix are Pin-Up Casino, Olimp Casino, 1xBet Casino, 1win Casino, and Parimatch Casino. Additionally, the game is available for free play in demo mode, requiring no downloads or registration.

Space XY

Space XY – A Cosmic Adventure: Space XY, developed by BGaming, introduces players to a unique casino game set in space. In this innovative game, you board a virtual space rocket and ascend to infinite heights. Instead of traditional slot symbols and reels, Space XY focuses on the rocket’s journey through X and Y coordinates, allowing players to place bets, reach maximum multipliers, and potentially win big.

BGaming, the game’s developer, is known for creating engaging slots and card games for online casinos, as well as supporting cryptocurrency transactions. Space XY offers a fresh perspective on casino gambling.

Rocket X

Rocket X – A Thrilling Alternative: Rocket X, developed by 1Play, is a similar crash game that offers players a straightforward gameplay cycle with strategic decision-making elements. This game is often considered an analog to JetX. In Rocket X, players can place one or two bets per round, wait for the right value, and then hit the cashout button to claim their winnings.

Gameplay and Availability: Rocket X can be played for real money, with winnings directly added to the player’s balance in participating online casinos like 1Win Casino. Detailed guides on the game’s mechanics, gameplay, and strategies are available online.

Cricket X

Cricket X – Betting on a Thrilling Game: Cricket X is rapidly gaining popularity as an Instant/Crash game from Smartsoft Gaming. It offers an intuitive interface and simple rules. To win in Cricket X, you need not only luck but also the ability to make informed decisions that determine both your winnings and the probability of winning.

Speed and Cash

Speed and Cash – Racing to Win Real Money: Speed and Cash, a real money game from 1Win, offers a chance to win up to $50,000. It’s similar to Lucky Jet but with racing cars. In this game, cars can evade or be detained, or both cars can continue their journey to the finish line. You can also place bets on the odds, just like in traditional crash games.

Reasons for Speed and Cash’s Popularity: Speed and Cash has gained popularity due to its:

  • Simple rules
  • Exciting storyline
  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • High multipliers
  • Optional background music
  • Real potential for substantial wins
  • High coefficients and bets, with each point having a multiplier of x100
  • High-quality software with smooth betting and fund withdrawals
  • Easy line analysis and win calculations
  • Ability to place multiple bets
  • Betting on 1 or 2 cars.


In conclusion, if you’re a fan of JetX and are looking for similar games to explore, Lucky Jet, Aviator, Aviatrix, Space XY, Cricket X, and Speed and Cash are options to consider. Each of these games offers its unique features and excitement, ensuring that you’ll find something to suit your gaming preferences.

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